Hello & Welcome

We're Kimberly & Kyle

We never set out to become filmmakers, it kind of just “happened.” Rather serendipitously, we filmed a few weddings back in 2011 and quickly fell in love with telling stories. Every person we've met has had a story to tell and their stories described these winding paths which led them to that moment in time... sitting in front of us.

People are amazing We doubt ourselves, make mistakes, forgive, take chances, fall in love... we're beautifully flawed, which makes each of us so relatable. As filmmakers, we love getting to the heart of a person's journey, finding out what their passionate about, and using that passion to help drive their story or showcase their brand.

Our goal in life is to spread joy, love, and kindness—we try to do so in everything we do. We love long lazy weekends spent with our family and friends doing absolutely nothing but enjoying each other's company. We strive to live in the present and cherish all the little moments life has to offer.

Kyle has a background in digital media from UCF, while Kim has degrees in design and architecture from UF. At just about every interview session we do, whether it's at a wedding or with a business owner, at some point, Kyle will look over at me and ask "Are you going to cry?" Hearing the passion in our client's voices and what drives them to be the best version of themselves is awe-inspiring and contagious.

We're often asked by filmmakers and video enthusiasts what gear we use for different situations. Kyle has put a detailed list of all of our current go-to gear on our profile at Kit.co

Photo by Matt of Matt Whytsell Photography.

Farris Family on rocks at Washington Oaks State Park