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Wedding Films Collection

"You captured more than just our day—you captured US." - Mandie

We capture great stories. No two stories are alike, yours is unique. We're intentional in learning your story so that we can bring it to life. And really, how cool would it be to not only see your parents or grandparents get married, but also hear their story in their own words? MAJOR FEELS.

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  • 2+ Filmmakers. 2-3 4K Cameras
  • 5-minute Cinematic edit
  • 6 hours of coverage
  • Guest count limited to 10 people
  • Films hosted on Vimeo

Starts at $5975
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  • 2+ Filmmakers. 2-3 4K cameras
  • 1-minute Teaser Film
  • 5-minute Highlight
  • All day coverage
    • * Suggested add-on: Ceremony & Speeches Edit
  • Films hosted on Vimeo
  • See Examples

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Feature Film

  • 2+ Filmmakers. 2-3 4K cameras
  • 1-minute Teaser Film
  • 10-minute Feature Film
  • All day coverage
    • * Suggested add-on: Day-Date Session
  • Films hosted on Vimeo
  • See Examples



  • Rehearsal Dinner | $1600

    This includes up to 4-hours of coverage and a documentary-style edit. Additional coverage and edit options are available.

  • Ceremony & Speeches Edit | $900

    Our most popular add-on! These are documentary-style edits of both events cut to the best angles and with professional color grading and audio mastering.

  • Day-Date Session | $900

    As relationships grow, they often change. Remember what your relationship was like, right now, in this moment, with a fun and flirty day-date session. We’ll spend part of a day (up to 4-hours) capturing you both doing the things you love together, whether that's kayaking, biking, walking the beach, tasting craft beers, eating theme park treats, etc. This is coverage-only, footage captured will be incorporated into your main package film.

  • Full Wedding Day Doc Edit | Starts at $3800

    This documentary-style edit features everything from the moment we arrive until the moment we leave. Including any unseen moments from your main film, along with your full ceremony, speeches, speciality dances and traditions, and any unseen portions of your letters and gifts. This film is color graded, audio mastered and usually ranges between 45min-90min depending on the length of events.

  • Raw Footage | Starts at $750

    All the individual files from our multiple cameras and audio devices. This isn't easily watched on a tv/computer, you'll have to click through each clip. It's in the truly "raw" format, with no color grading or audio mastering. Some computers may have difficulty displaying 4k clips.

  • Guest Well Wishes | $850

    We'll capture sweet well wishes from as many guests as we can during your cocktail hour and dinner service, starting with your immediate family. All well wishes will be compiled into a documentary-style edit with color grading and audio mastering.

  • Video Playbook | Starts at $250

    This linen-bound wedding video playbook is the perfect way to relive all the special moments which made your celebration uniquely yours. We have a few different options for customization. The "Our Wedding" video playbook starts at $250, customizations of your names and/or date, linen color, etc. is additional. These make a perfect thank you gifts for parents and grandparents. Or just a sweet anniversary gift for your love.

Family Lifestyle Films

In 2015, we were contacted by the Hatcher family to capture the birth of their son, Truett. In his short time here on Earth, Truett impacted the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. To this day, his story continues to give people hope. Since then, birth stories have become a passion of ours. Joining our clients on this emotional and intimate rollercoaster ride of welcoming new life into the world has been an honor. Witnessing (and capturing) new life entering the world is incredibly humbling and a reminder of how beautiful our existence is in this world. NOW OFFERING FAMILY FILMS, CONTACT US FOR DETAILS.

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Birth Story Films

  • Currently only taking home and birth center births
  • On-call 38 weeks+
  • Active labor, delivery, and first 2 hours post-partum
  • 4-5 minute film
  • Film hosted on Vimeo
  • Optional add-ons:
    • - At home interview and maternity video session
    • - 48-hour fresh or at-home session

Starts at $2500
bar/bat mitzvah video thumbnail

Bar & Bat Mitzvah Films

  • 2+ Filmmakers, 2-3 4K Cameras
  • Teaser Film
  • Full Edit of Reception
  • Films hosted on Vimeo
  • 6 hours of coverage
  • Optional Add-ons:
    • Alternate or Same-day Ceremony Coverage

Starts at $5500
special event film thumbnail

Special Event Films

  • 1+ Filmmakers, 1-3 4K Cameras
  • Length and coveraged based on project
  • Film(s) hosted on Vimeo
  • Family stories, celebrations, day-in-the-life films; We capture moments in time you never want to forget, from the celebratory events in life to the everyday moments you love and cherish.

Starts at $1500

*payment plans available, contact us for details

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