Being in the Moment | Regina & Jake

"If I look back on the past year, in some ways, it could have been a really stressful year. But, it hasn't been a stressful year at all. It's just been like a cake walk, because Jake's been there."

To find your person in this great big world, is such a gift. No matter where you are, or what you're doing, as long as you're together is all that matters. For Jake and Regina, they've found their person and we are so overjoyed for them. Congratulations you two!

Planner: Dan Hathcock at Unforgettable Events
Venue: Citrus Hills Skyview Golf & Country Club, Florida
Photo: Waterbear Photography
Video: Heart Happy Films
Musicians: Gosia and Ali
Makeup: Stefanie Humphrey make-up artistry