Thomas Center Wedding | Jessica & Anthony

"She's the other half of me... she makes me a better person. I couldn't think of anyone else I'd rather spend my life with than Jessica."

Anthony and Jessica's first contact with each other was through Facebook. He didn't meet her in person until months later in the parking garage of Downtown Disney. The fact that he can recall so vividly what she looked like that day, down to the color of her shirt... guys, my heart! #rightinthefeels And don't you just love how social media is bringing couples together these days? So many people we talk to are telling us more and more that they met on the internet! One person deciding one day to message the other person. Like seriously - blowing my mind!

Thank you Anthony and Jessica - we so enjoyed capturing your wedding and celebrating with the two of you! Much Love

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Jimmy Ho Photography
Keith Watson Production
Thomas Center Galleries
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TDC Entertainment
Wedding Solutions by Dr. Dan Mclean

Footage cut to "You Will Find Me (Alternate Mix)" by CHPTRS and licensed through the Music Bed.