Sweetwater Branch Inn Wedding Video | Ian & Audra

"She makes me laugh every day. Even the days when I don't want to laugh and I'm frustrated with something, she finds a way to put a smile on my face. She brings an indescribable joy to my life that I just couldn't live without."

Ian, we so so get it. Audra is a catch and Ian best be counting his lucky stars that he caught her! Her smile, her laugh and sense of humor, how welcoming and full of grace... those DANCE MOVES - Audra is one incredibly beautiful person inside and out. Ian, you're okay too. ;)

We feel like we've know you both all our lives, yet we just met. You two are perfection together. We could feel your love for each other and those around you through every second of your day. Yeah guys, Ian and Audra are the full package. We feel so lucky and thankful to have met you both... and so freaking honored to have captured your day.

Let's do it all over again in a few years, okurrr?

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Sweetwater Branch Inn
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Footage cut to "Evermore (feat. Jordan Critz)" by Roary and "I Freaking Love You" by Rookie. Both licensed through the Music Bed.