Training for Life | Sun Country Sports Center

Sun Country has been a big part of our lives since having kids. We enrolled our son, Tanner, in their gymnastics program at a young age to help him learn balance and strengthen his muscles after a leg break. While the program did all the things we were looking for, it did something else for Tanner we didn't quite expect.

Tanner learned how to be patient while waiting for his turn, how to work as a team, how to be a good sport, and most importantly, to never give up. That even though he can't do something yet, with practice and perseverance, he can do more than he believed possible.

So when Sun Country Sports Center contacted us to create a video for their company, we jumped at the opportunity to showcase all the life skills these children are learning, beyond the sport they've chosen to pursue.

Sun Country isn't just training them to be gymnasts, dancers, climbers, cheerleaders, ninjas, and swimmers. They're training them for life.

Video: Heart Happy Films
Script: Brian Hunt
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